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Viacom V of Doom
Viacom V of Doom.png
Gender: Male.jpg Male
Creation: N/A
First Appearance: The Scary MOVIE of DEATH!
Status: Alive, but it could be possible that dragon’s lair jumps are guy killed him
Species: V of doom
Age: 45
Episode count: Most of them
Friends and Relatives: Screen Gems Televison, BND Logo, Klasky Csupo Robot Pesbross
Enemies: Felipebross Koppatroppaman
Voiced by: as know as Viacom V of Doom Theme)

Viacom V of Doom is a minor antagonist from TFB&EBS

Koopatroopakirby is someone the V of doom is currently hunting, or was hunting before death. KTK remains alive, and an ally to Felipebross & Koopatroopaman.