The Felipebross and Eddybross Show
TFB&EBS Title.png
Genre: Animation, Slapstick, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sitcom, Satire.
Format: Animated series
Animated sitcom
Digital Ink and Paint Series or CGI Series (For CGI Charatcers or Backgrounds)
Created by: Felipe S.
Directed by: Felipe S., Nadjib M., Five S., Eugen P. and the whole staff
Voices of: Speakonia Phillip Gammson

IVONA Cepstral/Voiceforge GoAnimate AT&T NeoSpeech Loquendo Acapela Real Voices Google Translate (international characters) etc.

Theme music composer: Five S. (Piano/MIDI music)

Felipe S. (Anvil Studio) Kevin MacLeod (Other music)

Country of origin: United States


Language(s): English
No. of seasons: ~ 5
No. of episodes: ~ 100 (Episodes)
Executive producer(s): Felipe S.

Five S. Nadjib M.

Running time: 22 minutes
Production company(s): Scratch Television

FelipeWorks Studio Animation FelipeWorks Scratch Koopatroopaman Video Koopatroopaman Studios Network Felipebross Network Home Entertainment Cartoon Network Stonerocker Animations Animasters Studio B Productions (2014-2016) DHX Media (2016-2018)

Original channel: Felipebross Network Cartoon Network(US)

Teletoon (Canada)
Télétoon+ (France)
Super RTL (Germany)
PawzFan Studios Network (Indonesia) MBC 3 (Egypt)

Picture format: 240i (SDTV)

720i (HDTV) 1440i/1880i (SHDTV)

Status: Running or continued in The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show
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The Felipebross and Eddybross Show (TFBNEBS) or (TFBAEBS) is an animated comedy show that is made in 2014. It is created by Felipe S. and co-created by Nadjib M., Eugen P., Five S. etc. It is made using by Scratch 2.0. The first episode was How it all began (as a pilot) and the last episode was Goodbye to Felipebross. It was aired in Felipebross Network and other networks.

This Show Will Be Airing Eddybross Network


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The Felipebross And Eddybross Show Intro

The Intro.

The Intro parodies The Looney Tunes Show. It was made in Scratch 2.0 and it was created by Nadjib M., then improved by Felipe S. and then it goes like a pattern. At How it all began, the intro was a opening title card.


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