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The Execution of Evilbross
Vardan023 eating Maujoa
Vardan023 eating Maujoa
Season 3, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date TBA
Written by Felipe S.
Directed by Nadjib M.
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The Execution of Evilbross is an episode of The Felipebross & Eddybross Show


After EvilBross being captured for murder, he goes to court. Maujoa tries to bail him out of jail but before he could try, he was eaten by a gigantic version of vardan, but somehow does not die. EvilBross‘s court sesssion begins with felipebross saying he killed a toddler who was abandoned by his mum, but then the judge asked where he belong to. Felipebross said it was a women named Carly Van Myther. Carly Van Myther was sentenced to go to court later, and EvilBross was sent to the stand. EvilBross said he killed him because he was crying like a disgusting snot, and was sentenced to death by electrocution. This is shown offscreen, but you see evilbross on the chair with the head piece and everything Before the execution. the episode ends with Maujoa saying “man, I need to get out of this fatty “.