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(unknown) — Loleegee's catchphrase

Loleegee is a friend of Koopatroopaman He is brothers/(best) cousins with Omgalleo. His first apperence was in Loleegee Is Here which was in The New Felipebross & Eddybross Show, in Lolee’s final appearance he takes His costume off revealing he is part Doggo and actually a femboy. Similar to how Penny from AWOG gets her true appearance is revealed

2011 - Loleegy

2013 - Loleegee Late 2018 - Lolee

Gender: Male.jpg Male
Creation: therealloleegee/Lolee
First Appearance: Loleegee Is Here

The laughing truth

Age: 2013 - 11

2017 - 15 Current Age - 16

Episode count: IDK
Friends and Relatives: Koopatroopaman

and more!

Enemies: Barneybross, Oshabross
Family: Lance Ryan Dreemurr (Wife)
Voiced by: 2011 - Cepstral William-8kHz (Phaser)

2017 - Lolee

Inventions Maked: Lol U

Loleegee's Weird face