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Life of Michaelbross
Season 3, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date TBA
Written by Felipe S.
Directed by None
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Too Much Yoylecakes When Felipizzas Attack!

Life of Michaelbross is a episode when Michaelbross died. It was aired on Felipebross Network.


Eddybross and Michaelbross flee a band of hostile Native Americans in a Jeep. Michaelbross explains that on a trip on BrossVille in the past, Eddybross gave the Native Americans guns which were used to wipe out the Europeans, leaving the Native Americans in charge of America. Michaelbross finds his return pad destroyed by bullets and decides to find the alternate timeline Eddybross for help. Going to the equivalent of their house, they find a new time machine and pad and return to BrossTown to set things right. As soon as their original counterparts leave, they take back the guns and return to the proper time.

Tired of their close calls, Eddybross makes a snap decision to destroy his time machine and crushes the remains at the junkyard. While there, Eddybross and Michaelbross find a street hockey net and take it home for exercise. The first time they set it up, Michaelbross is hit and crushed by Keithybross' car (Keithybross said he didn't pay attention). At the doctor, Michaelbross is near death and the other brosses say their goodbyes. Michaelbross recovers long enough to express his love for his friends, thanking them for a wonderful life before he dies.

Back home, while picking up the broken pieces of the hockey net, Eddybross blames himself and the time machine for Michaelbross's death. Eddybross then realizes he can rebuild the time machine and use it to save Michaelbross. Unfortunately, his dealer is unable to supply him with needed parts due to his connection being killed for unknowingly drawing Muhammad. Due to the grandfather paradox, Eddybross has to accept that Michaelbross may be truly gone. The brosses hold a funeral for Michaelbross where Felipebross gives a tear-jerking eulogy, Keithybross is pressured by a mourning brown-skinned female bross to find where Keithybross is hiding to avoid being arrested (he says "in the basement of a shop"), and Vardan023 does not pay attention to the service where he instead watches a video on his cell phone complaining at Red Sox designated hitter Fries to "not to swing at junk." As Michaelbross's casket is lowered into his grave, Eddybross throws a final red rose onto the casket and he and the brosses watch on tearfully.


  • It was inspired the Family Guy Episode "Life of Brian"
  • Originally, there was going to be blood on this episode, but it was removed due to graphic.