Yeah Felipebross, that's a great review! Meet ya there!
— Koopatroopaman in BrossStation 4 vs GreenyBox One.
Gender: Male.jpg Male
Creation: Nadjib M.
First Appearance: TFB&EBS: Koopa Market

TKTMS: The Beginning TNFB&EBS: Welcome Back Felipebross

Status: Alive
Species: Koopa
Age: 12
Hair: N/A
Color: Yellow
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Episode count: Cameo on Koopa Market but then most of them since Its Koopatroopaman!
Friends and Relatives: Koopatroopawomen (Love intrest), Partybross, Vardan023, Koopatroopamon, Sonic, Felipebross, Eddybross, Bubble, Loleegee, CDBross, Lily, Flain, Volectro, Minecraftfurby, Koopa Blob, Yellow Blob, MePhone4Bross, Cyan Blob, KoopatroopaAndry, Koopatroopavardan, KoopatroopaSpanish, Koopatroopajake (Koopajake), Davey Guy, All of the Mixels, Maujoa and more.
Enemies: Evilbross, Oshabross, Barneybross, uhboBross, Redtroopaman, Nixel, Major Nixel, Nixel and more.
Family: Koopatroopamon (brother)

Koopatroopaboy (cousin)

Koopatroopamum (mom)

Koopatroopadad (dad)

Partybross (friend)

Davey Guy (2nd friend)

Ericbross (old friend)

Koopabross (older friend)

Koopatrumpetman (uncle)

Koopatroopadrum (aunt)

Koopatroopawomen (girlfriend)

Koopa Blob (pet)

Boombross (bro friend)

Likes: Video games, Scratch, Battle for Dream Island.
Dislikes: Bad Users, Stinky Smell, Evilbross, Nixels
Voiced by: GoAnimate/IVONA Brian
Kenichi Ogata (Japanese)
Brian Koch (Real Voice)

Koopatroopaman (クッパの男/Kuppa no otoko/Man of Bowser) is an supporting protagonist and a character of The Felipebross and Eddybross Show and The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show. He first appeared as a cameo in Koopa Market but then most of them since Its Koopatroopaman!. Even though Ericbross (Replaced by Partybross but revived) was seen in A Work At Pizza Bross. He appeared in most of the episodes. In Koopa Market, he was starring on the commercial. During his first appearance, he used not to wear gloves and shoes but in The Adventures Of Felipebross, he wear gloves and shoes.


Koopatroopaman is pretty harmless at most times, but can rarely be aggressive.


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