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Felipebross lands here, you may be looking for Felipebross (Robloxian)

Hello, I'm Felipebross
— Felipebross' official catchphrase

Gender: Male.jpg Male
Creation: Felipe S.
First Appearance: Felipebross Adventures: Felipebross vs Maxbross

The Felipebross and Eddybross Show: How it all began

The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show: Welcome Back Felipebross!

Meowflash TV: Just The Beginning

The Koopatroopaman Show: Ratitis

Status: Alive
Species: Greeny
Age: 11
Color: Blue, Light Blue, Orange.
Occupation: Bross
Episode count: All of them
Friends and Relatives: Eddybross, Keithybross, Koopatroopaman, Meowflash, Flashmeow, CDBross, Eugenbross, Johnbross, Davidbross, Febrezebross, Shredderbross, Chrisbross, Taylorbross, Michaelbross, Rainbowbross, Mr. Bermy, Lily (Love intrest), Rinna, Jennifer Gammson, Robert Gammson, Steve The Dog, Loleegee, Cyan Blob, Sonic, Vardan023, Belipefross, BrossFelipe, Hibotbross, Ericbross, Koopabross, Partybross, Stevebross, Overbrakeball, Leafy, Bubble, Robotbross, Flain, Seismo, Krader, Teslo, Gobba, Orangey, Yellowey, Bloo, Red, F9, Gelipebross, Partybross, Minecrafthibou, Gelatin, Coco, Aarexbross, Joeybross, Napkin, Rubber, Party Hat, Firey, Maxwell, Like, Orange Like, Favourite, Orange Favourite, Jakebross, Snowman, Santa Claus, Blue Head, Nachobross, etc.
Enemies: Evilbross, Oshabross, Barneybross, uhboBross, Kamekbross, Nixel, Major Nixel, King Pig, Bryan Guy, Ban, Orange Ban, Pink Ban, Alert, Orange Alert, Pink Alert and more.
Family: Eddie eddybross Gammson (brother)

Rinna Gammson (sister)

Jennifer Gammson (mom)

Robert Gammson (dad)

Steve The Dog (pet)

Felipegum (co-pet)

Lily (girlfriend)

Likes: Video games, Scratch, Mixels,
Dislikes: Bad Users, Stinky Smell, Evilbross, Barneybross, Nixels, Mondays (Sometimes).
Voiced by: Speakonia Eddie/TruVoice Male Voice #3 (Eddie) (Default)

IVONA Eric (GoAnimate)

Felipe S. (Non-Computer Voice)

MS Mike (original voice)

Neospeech Show (Japanese)

Tom Kenny (Real voice)

Philip "Felipebross" Gammson (フェリペブロス/Feripeburosu) is the main protagonist and character of The Felipebross and Eddybross Show, The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show and others. He appeared at all episodes and he is 11 years old. 1 year old more than his brother Eddybross, Eugenbross (one of his friends) and others who are the age of 10. He lives in BrossVille His girlfriend is Lily and he has two pets called Steve The Dog and Felipegum.


He is friendly at most times, but at times he could be mad sometimes. In Ratitis, he sometimes ignore Jakebross on what he explains about ratitis. He also works at Pizza Bross and the other bross restarants.


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