FelipeWorks Studio Animation
Current logo (2015-present)
Type Subsidiary
Founded 1984 (as Lightbulb Studios)
2002 (as Felipe S. Productions))
2009 (as Felipebross Studios))
2015 (as FelipeWorks Studio Anmation
Founder(s) Mr. Bordish
Headquarters Burbank, California, United States
Key people Felipe S. (CEO)
Owner(s) FelipeWorks Inc.
Parent LightBulb Enterprises (1985-2002)
FelipeWorks Inc. (2002-present)
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FelipeWorks Studio Animation (Formely Lightbulb Studios or Felipe S. Productions or Felipebross Studios.) is an American animation studio. it was created founded by Mr. Bordish in 1984.


Felipeworks Studio Animation was founded in 1984 as Lightbulb Studios this was First Show Called Starey (1985) and older shows like BoxBoy, Peg the Penguin, Kenny the Ant, Donny's City Adventure, P-P-P Pizza Show, Eric the Frog, Slip Slap Slappers, Josh the Crab, and Rono's World.

if was Renamed in 2002 these called Felipe S. Entertainment and this old shows like Hey, it's Harry the Bird, The Star Space Twins, The Eggs and The Rocks, Werrak the Elephant, Starey and Friends, and Crag the Shark.

in 2009, Now Change Rename Felipebross Studios

In Present, These was newer shows like The Potatoes, The Starey Show, and The Felipebross and Eddybross Show.

if also Now Changes Rename to FelipeWorks Studios Animation.


Television series[]

Title Aired Notes
Starey 1985-1989 First Traditional Cel Animation TV Series
BoxBoy 1985-1987
Peg the Penguin 1985-1988
The Awesome World of ClayBoy 1985-1986 Frist Stop-Motion Animation Co-Produced with FrameCactus Pictures Ltd.
Tom the Seal 1985-1986
The Damallas Show 1986-1988
The 3 Crazy Kids 1986-1987 First TV Series based on Comics by Mr. Bordish
Notey the Musical 1986-1987 First Musical Piano Symphonies Series
Jackky the Ghost 1987-1988 First Spooky TV Series
Richhy and the Knights 1987-1990 First Medieval TV Series
John the Snake 1988-1989
Sunny and Moony 1989-1990
Kenny the Ant 1990-1995
Sammy the Greatest Fish 1990-1993
Dorzzy and Murzzy 1991-1994
Eriko the Trash Dog 1992-1993
AttackBattleWarriors 1992-1994 First Action TV Series
Donny's City Adventure 1993-1998
Blinka the Gorilla 1993-1995
Billy and the Dinosaurs 1993-1994
P-P-P Pizza Show 1994-1999
Greg and Charles' Haunted Adventure 1995-1996
Chuckky the Robot 1996-1998
WackyCrazyPets 1996-1998
Eric the Frog 1997-2003
Slip Slap Slappers 1998-2001
Rick's Jungle Adventure 1998-1999
Tim and the Circus 1998-1999
Josh the Crab 1999-2003
The City of the Invasion Aliens 1999-2001
Zark the Baby Dinosaur 2000-2001
The New Adventures of BoxBoy 2000-2005
BananaSkaters 2001-2004
The Super Funny Awesome Lukers Show 2002-2004 First Digital Ink and Paint Animation.
Hey, it's Harry the Bird 2002-2006
George's Great Farm 2002-2003
The Star Space Twins 2003-2007
Rossena the Cat 2004-2005
The Eggs and the Rocks 2004-2007
Werrark the Elephant 2005-2008
The Sometimes of Charrek 2006-2007
Starey and Friends 2006-2010
The Craziness of Rirkky 2006-2008
The Bunnies in CandyWorldLand 2007-2009
Crag the Shark 2008-2010
The Awesome of Rirko and Mirka Show 2008-2009
Darmmy the Puppy Dog 2009-2011 First 1080p HD in 2010
Rorry the Bunny 2009-2010
Zerky the Stickman 2010-2012
Cubby and the Lost in the World 2010-2011
Dig Hamster Dig Mole 2010-2012
SuperLolipop 2011-present First Rated TV-PG Series
MoneyCoinLand 2011-2014
The Potatoes 2012-present
Blue Ball and Orange Ball 2013-2014
Benno-Balloon's Adventures 2013-present
The Felipebross and Eddybross Show 2014-present
The Starey Show 2014-present
Jim the Fish 2014-present
Mendy's World 2014-present
Pepy the Boing 2014-present
John's Space Adventure 2014-present
The Adventures of Karimby the Robot 2015-present
BleckBlickBlock 2015-present
DonutFriends 2015-present

Upcoming Television Series[]

Title Year Notes
SuperSmarters 2016

Animated shorts[]

Title Year Notes
Mirrik the Lion 2007 Spin-off to Werrak the Elephant
Bross-Shorts 2014
Eem's Funny Challenge 2015 Spin-off to The Potatoes
Woody Woodpecker Tales 2016 Copyrighted to Universal Studios aired on Daylight

Original pilots/pilot films[]

Title Year Notes
Starey 1984 First Paper Animation Co-Produced with Mr. Bordish Enterprises Ltd. Pilot of the show of the same name.
The Star Space Twins: Robots Revenge 1999 Aired as a Part of Lightbulb TV's Top 30 Cartoons. Pilot of The Star Space Twins
BananaSkaters: Skateboard Challenge 2000 Pilot of BananaSkaters
The Eggs and the Rocks: The Big of the Tree 2003 Pilot of The Eggs and the Rocks
Darmy the Puppy Dog 2008 Pilot of the show of the same name.
SuperLolipop 2010 Pilot of the show of the same name.
The Potatoes 2011 Pilot of the show of the same name.
The Felipebross and Eddybross Show: How it all began 2013 Co-Produced with ElectricCrazy Cartoons Inc. Pilot of The Felipebross and Eddybross Show
Jim the Fish 2013 Pilot of the show of the same name.
DonutFriends 2014 Pilot of the show of the same name.
SuperSmarters 2015 Pilot of the show of the same name.

Failed pilots/pilot films[]

Title Year
The Life of a Puppy in The Lost City 2001
Running Crazy Monster Trucks 2001
SuperBomb 2001
The Aligator Lost in the Swamp 2002
Running Barking Dogs 2002
Welcome to the Fantanstic TwizzlerLand 2003
Don't Eat My Remote 2003
Super Hamster Dumpsters 2003
Pumpkin Kickers 2003
Bumping Trucks 2004
Party Rubber Rabble Ducks 2004
The Candy Sugar Loli Monster 2005
Warning, Zombies can't eating at the City 2006
Metal Battle Garnick Robots 2006
Are you Eat my Sandwich or You will Die 2007
Flying Road Bombers 2007
Riggle the Bubbly Bobbly Bubble 2007
The Dinosaur of the Schools 2008
The Piano Escape of Musical Notes 2008
Destory Chocolate-Sugar-Dinosaur 2009
The Duckky and the Whale 2010
Princess-Cutie-Kitty-Lizzy 2010
BearZogry in the Lost Safari 2011
Licking Ducks 2011
Aliens in The End of the World 2012
BagBunnys in the Mars 2013
WackyTrains 2013
Elephants revenge of Volcano 2013
The Snow Mountain of the Robots 2013
Crying Crazy Penguins 2013
Space Wacky Donuts 2013
Cute Flying Cupcakes 2014
Lost Dumpster Drums 2014
Wheeee DragonBirds 2014
This Little Girl don't walkin Sleep 2014
The Monkey Jungle Circus 2014
PirateBirds in the Treasure Chest 2014
The Balloon Flag in Escape 2014
Astro-Ball-UFO 2015
BlockyBomb in the lost Desert 2015
Super BucketCrabs 2015
Floating Frogs 2015
Stanny the Glowball 2016

TV Specials[]

Title Year Notes
It's Starey Christmas Special 1995 First Christmas Special on Starey
Peg the Penguin meets Santa Claus 1996 First Christmas Special on Peg the Penguin
BoxBoy and the Christmas Gifts 2002 Christmas special based on The New Adventures of BoxBoy
The Star Space Twins: The Escape for the Planets 2006 TV special based on The Star Space Twins
Starey and Friends: The Vintage Comics of Starey and Rectangley 2008 TV special based on Starey and Friends
Rorry the Bunny: Find the Easter Eggs 2010 Easter special based on Rorry the Bunny
MoneyCoinLand: The Lost in the New York City 2012 TV special based on MoneyCoinLand
The Potatoes: S-PP-OOO-KKKIIES, AAAAHHHH!!! 2013 Halloween special based on The Potatoes
The Potatoes: The Trip of the Santa on this Mall 2013 Christmas special based on The Potatoes
The Felipebross and Eddybross Show: The Scary Movie of DEATH! 2014 Halloween special based on The Felipebross and Eddybross Show
The Felipebross and Eddybross Show: A Felipebross Holiday 2014 Christmas special based on The Felipebross and Eddybross Show
The Potatoes: Eem's Back to the Planet 2015 TV based on The Potatoes
The Starey Show: Starey's Trick or Treat 2015 Halloween special based on The Starey Show
The Felipebross and Eddybross Show: A Felipebross Christmas 2015 Christmas special based on The Felipebross and Eddybross Show
The Starey Show: Starey in North pole 2015 Christmas special based on The Starey Show

Feature Films[]

All these Feature Films are disturbed by Universal Studios

Title Year Distribution and Co-productions Notes Rated
The Peg the Penguin Movie 2005 Glass Ball Productions First Film to Peg The Penguin PG
Kenny's Time Travel 2007 Rainbow Animation Productions First Film to Kenny the Ant PG
The Star Space Twins Movie 2012 Rainbow Animation Productions First Film to The Star Space Twins PG

Upcoming Films[]

Title Year Distribution and Co-productions
Starey the Movie 2016 Rainbow Animation Productions
The Felipebross and Eddybross Movie 2017 Rainbow Animation Productions
Jim the Fish in 3D 2019 ?

Short films[]

Title Year
Richy the Chooo-Chooo Train 1986
Donny the Safari Adventurer 1987
Jay the Snail 1988
The Flower and the Bee 1989
Teddie's Sleeping 1990
Cobra playing Poker 1991
The Worm in the Forest 1992
Jessor the Chef 1993
Dorkly the Bear 1994
Robot Hardy Hammer 1995
Yoyo Garden Park 1996
Jassler the Monkey 1997
Berrick's Fishing 1998
Road-Rabbit-Runners 1990
Billy's Track Challenge 2000
Squarey's New Home 2001
The Dog and The Microwave 2002
The Squid in the Slime 2003
The Vintage Western of Humpty Dumpty 2004
Sealy's Pool Challenge 2005
El Vikingo Loco (The Viking Crazy) 2006
Jake in the Future 2007
The Bear and the Cell Phone 2008
School for Wheasels 2009
Rollin' Barrels 2010
The Fries and the Fast Foods 2011
Shapes vs Weapons 2012
The Llama Desert 2013
SpringBoxes 2014
The Butterfly and the Cupcake 2015

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