Gender: Male.jpg Male
Creation: Nadjib M
First Appearance: A Work at Pizza Bross (TFB&EBS)
Just a Pinch (TNFB&EBS)
Status: Alive
Species: Person
Age: 10
Color: Orange, Light Orange, Red
Episode count: Most of them on TFB&EBS
Some of them on TNFB&EBS
Friends and Relatives: Stevebross, Koopatroopaman, Felipebross, Test Tube, Eugenbross, Koopabross, Partybross and more
Enemies: Evilbross, Barneybross, Oshabross and more
Family: Stevebross (brother)

Mattbross (2nd brother)

Yoylebross (3rd brother)

Partybross (New Budd)

Koopabross (Old Budd)

Voiced by: GoAnimate/IVONA Eric

Ericbross is a bross, The replacement of Koopabrosses role as a rescurring character, who died in Moonboy1 strikes back by getting shot with a gun but got replaced by Partybross after his death in Apocalypse Now when an area got bombed down. however, he got revived, so does KoopaBross in A New Beginning. He appeared in The Felipebross and Eddybross Show and The New Felipebross and Eddybross Show. The character's latest appearance was in All The Other Guys.