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BrossStation 4 vs GreenyBox One is the 19th episode of Season 4

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Felipebross was watching Bird and Chicken on television. But then Eddybross yelled at him that Mister Bermy has finally made the BrossStation4 and IGN makes an battle of the BrossStation4 and the GreenyBox One, Felipebross was surprised that it was made & then Felipebross told his friends, Taylorbross, Chrisbross, Michaelbross, Rainbowbross, Koopatroopaman, KoopatroopaAndry, Eugenbross, Ericbross, Shredderbross, Meowflash, Flashmeow, CDBross & Vardan023 about that. Then they all got ticket to see the review. Then the host Naomibross announced about the BrossStation4 & the GreenyBox One. The judges were Kirby, Firey, David, Tails, Maxwell & Gobba, Naomibross was talking about their Controller, Hardware, Games Library, Software, Online, Overall & details.Kirby, Firey, David, Tails, Maxwell & Gobba judged & told their opinions, & then Brossy & Mister Bermy has won the competition.


  • The battle was similar to this video.
  • Evilbross was originally going to be a judge but he got executed so he didn't appear on this episode.
  • When Felipebross talking at the phone, he has an MePhone which is from Inanimate Insanity.


  • When Tails, David & Maxwell rejected that the BrossStation4 didn't had voice systems, his belt was in front of his mouth, and Maxwell's face had black bits on it.