Block Bot
Gender: N/A
Creation: Larousse City
First Appearance: Pizza Bross for UK
Age: N/A
Episode count: All of them since Pizza Bross for UK
Enemies: Crooks
Family: Steward Bots Micro Managers Drones
Voiced by: As they sound in Pokémon

Block Bots are robots that first appear in Pizza Bross for UK. They are cameos from the 7th Pokémon. movie


A block bot as it appears in the movie.

Block Bots have many functions, some of which include

  • Shocking Intruders
  • Taking Pictures
  • Co-operating with other Security Robots (Micro Managers, Drones, Stewards, etc.) to pursue the crook
  • Changing into many shapes with their modules,

The actual block bot is the part with the LCD screen "face" on the front and hover component on the bottom. The cubes are actually modules, each module is interchangeable and can also form bridges

During the beginning scene of Are you kidding me? Eugenbross used a block bot by remotely operating it V.I.A smart phone.


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