A Work at Pizza Bross
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Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Felipe S.
Directed by Five S., Nadjib M. & Eugen P.
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A Work at Pizza Bross is the 2nd episode of Season 1 The Felipebross and Eddybross Show


Pizza Bross came to it's grand opening in an area other than BrossVille and Felipebross has to work there as it’s family business, then Robert Gammson sends him to the restaurant as an errand but he needs to be an good employee otherwise there will be no Television for 5 weeks. He gets an job by making pizza. He doesn't know what to do but an assistant helped him to make the pizza. He served over 19 customers for the pizza.

At closing time at Pizza Bross, Michaelbross was starving for a pizza, he tries to make a Felipizza, However, he then discovers all the ingredients are unavailable, therefore he decides to ask Eddybross for help making one. He does so, but unfortunately….he gives him no cash. This angers Felipebross greatly and he heads over to Michaelbross’s house, and they argue with each other for a little while. Finally, Felipebross leaves with no tips, feeling miserable. The next day though, Michaelbross comes in, despite saying he “ would never come to the restaurant again. “ in the argument. He claims that he was sorry and he gave Felipebross double the money he originally would’ve charged, and everything is peaceful again.


  • This restaurant was a parody of Papa's Pizzeria.
  • This was the second regular episode of The Felipebross and Eddybross Show, first was Ratitis.
  • The episode was a bit similar of the Spongebob Squarepants episode, Just One Bite.
  • Rinna was originally going to get the Felipepizzas and would argue at Felipebross’s house but the idea was scrapped and was changed to Michaelbross at his house.


  • One of the frames has Felipebross with no mouth.